Surf Suite 

The Surf Suite offers a truly unique experience for the slightly more adventurous, and in particular, those seeking an even greater connection to the natural beauty that abounds. As a place that provides a full sensory experience, the Suite comes second to none.

The Surf Suite is a detached cabana that sits in the gardens, away from the main house, about halfway from the main house to the ocean. If it weren’t for the fact that the Suite features the same luxurious amenities that can be found throughout the main house and other Suites, you might just think you were sleeping in a boat at sea or in a secluded spot in the jungle. You’ll soon find your body aligning with the rhythm of the surf, while feeling the refreshing sea breeze on your entire body. A charming private balcony offers a prime view of the water. This Suite features an attached bathroom and beautiful outdoor shower inspired by the spiraling form of a conch shell.

This incredibly charming Suite is constructed largely of bamboo and parota wood. The roof features ceramic shingles for an elegantly characteristic look. There is an attached deck facing the ocean and the horizon, allowing for blissful views at all hours. And while the Suite is still on the property and just a short walk over to the main house, it is also very much a standalone space. The Suite features an individual powder room attached to the deck, and just steps from there is an outdoor shower built in the shape of a spiral, and walled with beautiful bamboo. While staying in the Surf Suite, you can have the best of both worlds: modern comfort and luxury while also allowing yourself to be absorbed into the lively Mexican wilderness.